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Wilson’s Wharf offers a great deal of things to do and places to eat,Isle of Capri boat rides, Sarie Marais are the attractions at the wharf

There is so much to see, that the trip would seem shorter, than what it was. We will show you enormous ship up close. We will also ensure that you spend an informative hour or 30 minutes on the boats. Durban boasts the biggest harbour as it is capable to accommodate 58 ships at any given time and one in the Dry Dock. Join us on a lovely smooth soothing harbour cruise and de-stress as we take you on a 30 minute cruise on a very comfortable boat. Daily from 10am to 4pm. Nip away to a rustic harbour marina amongst working slipways and see ships manoeuvring. Wilson’s Wharf offers a yacht’s spectacular view of the working Durban Harbour. 

Tamed Marina water ripples below the drinking decks of outdoor pubs where festivity is served FRESH and seafood is served fresh from the fishing vessels. See the fourth largest container port in the Southern hemisphere in action. There are twenty terminal operators. Over 4500 commercial vessels call at the port every year for loading or discharging of a variety of cargo. These ships don’t only enter for loading but also for repairs, re-fueling and surveying. The port has a circumference of 21 km. The different docks do different jobs: City Pier stretches from The Point to Bat Center and is numbered from “A” shed to “R” shed. Here they do steel, containers, plants and fresh fruit. Island View does all kinds of liquids and Bluff does coal. Then there is the Maydon Wharf that does everything from Sugar, Grain, Steel, Scrap metal, Wood, Paper, Fertilizer and Granite.